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2010. 10. 4. 11:36
설명 : 앞으로 적용할 로그인에 대한 시나리오

//login system A
login and sign up is the same.
we do not need your information. that sign. e-mail. etc...

just. please login in 1 day. and 3 days. and 7 days.
and since then. always login in 7 days.

if you are not login.
account will be deleted.

//login system B
dynamic ID [free user]
- no password is required. and anyone can login.
- and we do not register a user ID. and PW.

static ID [payment user]
- just. if you payment user.
- we will register a user ID. and PW.

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login system  (3) 2010.10.04
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2010. 10. 4. 10:08
설명 : 블로그 카테고리 분류

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flow - development structure & service flow

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blog category  (0) 2010.10.04
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